Très Chic



The objectives for the website redesign included increasing online visibility, enhancing user experience, and driving conversions. For the online store, the goals were to establish a platform, such as Shopify, to showcase and sell their new arrivals for the ready-to-wear collection. Additionally, the website would serve as a platform to exhibit their exquisite evening gowns and facilitate appointment bookings for gown fitting sessions.


A modern and visually appealing design was implemented, accompanied by intuitive navigation and a responsive layout. The website’s loading times were optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. Social media feeds were seamlessly integrated into the homepage, fostering engagement. Additionally, an online booking system was incorporated into the website and online store, which seamlessly connected with their social media accounts for convenient access.

Très Chic’s website was crafted using WordPress, while the online store was built on the Shopify platform. Keeping a consistent layout and style that reflected their elevated and minimalistic approach, while ensuring a seamless flow between the two platforms. The online store was linked to Très Chic’s social media stores, simplifying marketing efforts and facilitating one-click purchases.


Following the launch of the new website, user retention and engagement witnessed an increase of 45%. The online booking conversion rates soared by an impressive 73%. In the first four months alone, Très Chic received over 35 positive customer feedback, emphasizing the success of the website redesign. Furthermore, the introduction of the online store created a new revenue channel for the ready-to-wear collection and served as a captivating showcase for the evening gowns, driving customers to book their fitting appointments and even attracting in-store visits from walk-in clients.


The website redesign for Très Chic rejuvenated their online presence and yielded substantial business outcomes. With an aesthetically pleasing design, seamless user experience, and integrated online store, Très Chic successfully enhanced their online visibility and engagement. The implementation of an online booking system further streamlined customer interactions and facilitated gown fittings. Overall, the website redesign propelled Très Chic’s growth, unlocking new avenues of revenue and solidifying their position as a premier destination for women seeking sophisticated fashion.

Très Chic Styling Website Creation with Wordpress
Très Chic Styling Online Store with Shopify
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