L’Espace C

L’Espace C is a women-owned boutique located in Drummonville, Quebec that specializes in casual wear for both women and men. From denim and t-shirts to hats and hoodies, they offer a variety of fashionable products, with a particular focus on featuring main pieces from the Headrush brand.

To enhance their online presence and boost sales, I developed a user-friendly Shopify store for L’Espace C. The design of the website was carefully crafted to align with the client’s vision and the boutique’s branding. Drawing inspiration from their input, we opted for a mix of rustic cool and urban vibes, reflected in the chosen colors, intuitive navigation, and layout of the site.

While the website is no longer live, you can take a glimpse of its homepage through the provided snapshot. It served as a virtual gateway for customers to explore and purchase the latest trendy pieces from L’Espace C.


l'Espace C