RM Kandy

Introducing RM Kandy, a vibrant and enchanting handmade beaded jewelry shop. As a consultant, I had the privilege of guiding and collaborating with the owner to bring her online store to life, capturing her unique style and embodying her philosophy.

Working closely with the RM Kandy owner, we embarked on a journey to create an exceptional online shopping experience. With my expertise, I provided guidance on the layout and design of the store’s home page, collection, and product pages, ensuring they resonated with the owner’s artistic flair and reflected her vision.

Together, we chose the powerful Shopify platform to build the store, capitalizing on its robust features and user-friendly interface. Recognizing the importance of building trust with customers, we integrated Google review widgets into the page’s template. This thoughtful addition offered reassurance to potential buyers, instilling confidence in their purchasing decisions.

As part of this project, I managed the seamless integration of RM Kandy’s Facebook and Instagram pages with Shopify, ensuring effortless product synchronization and simplified inventory management. By leveraging the power of social media, we extended the reach of the brand and enhanced customer engagement.

To nurture customer relationships, we integrated a powerful email platform and crafted automated drip campaigns tailored to each customer’s profile. This personalized approach allowed RM Kandy to deliver relevant content and promotions, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The result? An elegant and fully functional online store that authentically represents RM Kandy’s handmade jewelry. With an engaging user interface, integrated social media channels, and personalized email marketing, RM Kandy now captivates customers near and far with her exquisite creations.


RM Kandy